Hi, Terry Stotyn from PowerEMT.com.

I want to talk to you about lightning protection and protection for your sensitive electronics.

Everybody’s worried about a lightning strike, or a major power hit coming from the grid that will wipe everything else out in your house.

There is a solution — the SineTamer® from PowerEMT.

This unit will protect you from lightning strikes, and protect all your internal components, as well as protect all the sensitive electronics, you get a second level of protection.

You get a third of protection from the harmful side-effects of the Smart Grid.

All the way around, you are protected from any big lightning or transient activity strikes than happen to your home and all the equipment.

Get your SineTamer® today.

Transient overvoltages are short duration, high magnitude voltages peaks with fast rising edges, commonly referred to as surges. Often described as a “spike”, transient voltages can reach up to 6000 V on a low-voltage consumer network, with no more than millisecond duration.