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Testing and Results

Irene Robinson

Before SineTamer Installation
Before SineTamer Installation
After SineTamer Installation
After SineTamer Installation

Marcy Sheenan

Before SineTamer Installation-Marcy Sheenan
Before SineTamer Installation
After SineTamer Installation-Marcy Sheenan
After SineTamer Installation

Carol Garcias

Before SineTamer Installation-Carol Garcia
Before SineTamer Installation
After SineTamer Installation-Carol Garcia
After SineTamer Installation

Donna Otts

Before SineTamer Installation-Donna Ott
Before SineTamer Installation
After SineTamer Installation-Donna Ott
After SineTamer Installation
Analog Meter oscilloscope trace

Here is an Analog Meter oscilloscope trace from an Analog-style meter. The SineTamer unit will restore your home as close to an Analog Meter operation as possible. Here is the photo of an Analog Meter Oscilloscope Trace.

I have an Analog Meter on my home, so I am safe, right?

Analog Meter

Some people feel that since they have a regular old “dial” style Analog Meter on their home they feel safe, but unfortunately it depends on if you are sharing a transformer at the pole or underground transformer with any of your neighbors. Here is a customer in PA that thought they were safe. However, the oscilloscope tells a very different story: They had an Analog Meter on their house but were sharing the same transformer with a neighbor that had an Aclara Meter. It is interesting to see how easily we can fool ourselves without real data to back it all up.

Note: This is an Aclara Meter at the Janette Bachman home in PA and this home has no filter installed.

PowerEMT SineTamer
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ST S8070A1 1S1
120/240 Volt
Single Phase up to 600 Amp Service

Download PowerEMT Data Sheet – PDF 227kb ]

USD $1,249.00

If you have any solar systems please contact us prior to ordering.

* Includes Shipping & Handling to everywhere in North America.

Duty Taxes Extra if Applicable.

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