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“My wife Sandra has been sleeping soundly all night long since the very day we installed the SineTamer in our home. She had been plagued by poor sleep for many years, having tried all sorts of remedies that never worked.  Looking back, this began when she moved to a home with a smart meter 11 years ago (her prior home had an analog meter). Similarly, an assortment of joint and muscle pains have disappeared, including continuous tooth and gum throbbing.  Morning urgencies of the bladder have also gone away.

Her thought patterns are now more organized, with less anxiety and less irritability.  The mind overall is much clearer.

The changes were all dramatic and unmistakable.  Her quality of life – and as a result mine too! - has increased immensely. So a big Thank You from us to you!”

I heard about the SineTamer from a good friend who was concerned about me and who also has had a SineTamer installed in her home. In previous correspondence, I had shared with her about how ill I became when exposed to anything wireless such as WiFi and Smart Meters. My health was impacted so drastically that I had to leave my teaching career and my husband and I were forced to move from our home in town. Our move was to an acreage on Vancouver Island where I hoped that exposure to wireless would be lessened. Sadly, no matter where one hopes to escape to, there is no escaping wireless! My previous symptoms in town and at school included blurred vision, tinnitus and deafness, sharp pains in my inner ear, heart palpitations and chest pain, pain in my joints and joint swelling, vertigo, anxiety, depression, night “sweats,” sleeplessness, and daily migraine headaches. Even though the conditions were improved at the acreage, I was still affected by neighbors. Wireless “travels” for miles and we had a Smart Meter. I was still experiencing migraine headaches, vertigo, ear pain, blurred vision, anxiety, and depression. I felt angry most of the time.

The SineTamer was purchased and installed approximately one month ago. I have not had a migraine headache, the vertigo is gone, and so is the anxiety and depression. I still “feel” it when the Smart Meters are transmitting, or individuals are using their wireless, but the “feeling” is very different than before. I just “know” that it is happening, but the physical repercussions are not as they were before. The SineTamerdoesn’t “stop” the wireless transmissions, but rather alters them in a very positive way. The installation of the SineTamer has made a huge difference to my quality of life and as my friend told me, “Stop complaining about your health issues and do something about your situation. Try the SineTamer.” So, I did! I don’t know a lot about a SineTamer, but it works for me!

Dear Terry, For three years now our 17-year-old daughter has struggled with depression, contemplated suicide, and generally withdrew herself from day to day family life at home. She could not bring herself to eat or attend school or her job at a local gymnastics center, which she loved so much. She was eventually kicked out of school for not attending and had no goals in life. We have struggled to determine the cause seeking medical, counseling, and psychological advice. Medical depression treatment made her lethargic, she resented us for making her take medication, and continued to be withdrawn. Multiple visits to three separate psychologists for counseling produced no results. A supportive family had no effect on her lack of motivation as she continued to spend hours alone in her room.

During this time I worked with you on a project where I learned about the effects of dirty power, voltage fluctuations, and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) on sensitive electronic equipment. I began to rationalize that maybe my daughter could be more susceptible to EMF’s affecting her mental state. As other avenues were unsuccessful we decided to install the Cratus SignTamer unit on our electrical service with the sole purpose of improving our daughter’s mental health. Within a few weeks we began to see improvement. Finally, we nailed it, I thought, but was skeptical and I waited and watched for her to progress.

I am writing you today because it’s been three months now since we eliminated EMF’s from our household and my daughter has improved beyond my wildest dreams. She no longer struggles with depression and has not had any suicidal thoughts. She enrolled in an adult education program and graduated a month early. She set goals and will be attending a prestigious make up school in January. In the meantime, she is working saving for a car to get back and forth to school and with the activity she is once again eating healthy. We could not be happier with her improvement.

Our daughter is living proof some individuals are more sensitive to EMF’s. After years of effort we cannot attribute her improvement to anything other than the elimination of EMF’s by the SignTamer Unit. Thank you for returning our daughter back to our family. There was a time we thought she would never be a productive member of society, but that is all behind us. Just ask her; she is once again giving us all advice. I know it’s not your focus, but our hydro bill has decreased 30%. Talk about a return on investment, my daughter’s health while taking a large bite out of the smart meter.

I just wanted to provide some feedback on the SineTamer. I ordered it for my mother because I had been unable to sleep in her house in Florida, even though she has an opt-out meter—the Itron C1S meter. This problem was consistent; every time I went to visit her I could not sleep. It was reminiscent of the time I was totally unable to sleep in my own house the other year when I had a smart meter installed. So the most recent visit was the same story, no sleep for the first few days. Then the SineTamer arrived and was immediately installed by an electrician. That night I fell asleep very easily, and I slept all night long!!…and every night since for the rest of the week, I slept like a baby every single night. It was magic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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After 4 years of electrical problems and just as many electricians in my home, the answer was always the same, everything looks good. Two stoves stopped working, light bulbs burning out, dishwasher stopped working, circuit breakers would trip or completely become nonfunctional. Hardwired smoke detectors malfunctioning and burning out. I felt dismayed and angry, how could nothing be wrong!? How could this be happening with an updated panel and a rewired home?

This is where I sought out Bill. He listened, not dismissing my concerns. Bringing in his equipment he found multiple problems that electricians could not find and/or dismissed. He followed up with a list of changes that needed to be done and graphs. Most importantly, he discovered a corrupt neutral from the electrical pole. Armed with Bill’s information after the changes were made in my home, I called the utility company. They came out and one of them did say that it was a corrupt neutral and the house next to mine (that had a fire 2 years ago), had an open neutral. Their home could have, and would have, caught on fire again.

Bill explained that having an open neutral and a corrupt neutral for 4 years does destroy the transformer. After 2 months of going toe to toe with the utility company, they put in a new transformer. My electrical has been stable since. I wouldn’t have had this knowledge if Bill hadn’t educated me on these issues. I’m deeply grateful for his teaching skills, not dismissing me, and coming up with an understandable, doable game plan.

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