Risk Factors of Not Using Sinetamer

As we all know, we are now in the technological age where everything seems to be powered by Electricity. This allows us to keep up with an ever-changing world with so many technological advancements over the years.

The advantages seem to be making our lives much more manageable from transportation, phones, television, refrigerator, lights, and more. Now we can even connect to people around the world wherever and whenever we use the internet.

However, amidst all the advancements, it is now crucial more than ever to invest in surge protectors such as SineTamer to protect your equipment from malfunctions and irregular electrical soundwaves.

Let us dive deeper into the Risk Factors of not installing surge protectors in your homes or companies and how SineTamer could help eradicate these concerns. 

Miss out on potential significant cost savings from overhead

An average person in today’s world owns a lot of technological equipment for day-to-day use. In fact, according to a report in 2019, the average USA household owns 25 connected devices. This doesn’t even count the devices that aren’t connected, which also uses Electricity for power and charge.

While the home spaces seem to be much more innovative as technology increases, the overhead costs from electrical bills are also ramping up. 

The application of SineTamer allows you to streamline these electrical surges and significantly reduce your monthly bills by 60% or more, depending on how much electricity you use.

SineTamer has also successfully helped businesses and many others to increase their bottom line from significant cost savings.

Risks of Equipment Malfunction

Unregulated surges tend to produce spikes, especially when using high-powered machines. This occurrence may cause Equipment Malfunction that may inhibit businesses to operate smoothly and consistently without unnecessary downturns. 

SineTamer ensures that these spikes are well regulated and brought back to regular waves for a more consistent electricity flow.

Voltage Spikes which may Damage Your devices overtime

One of the primary purposes of the surge and transient protection systems is to prevent devices from being harmed or damaged by Voltage Spikes. Although these damages are not instant, the wear and tear on your devices will be much more prevalent over time.

The risk of not having protection systems is that you are compromising and damaging your devices, which may have been prevented easily.

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) Could Cause Health Problems

As we all know, unprotected surges could harm devices, but it may affect more than just technologies. It has been claimed that Electromagnetic Fields could also be harmful to some people, which may cause multiple health problems in the long run.

Dirty Electricity is one of the main reasons why SineTamer is much needed more than ever, not just for businesses but also for regular households. Many symptoms are reported to occur from too much exposure to Dirty Power, such as fatigue, headaches, memory damage, and sleep disorder.


As we go along these risk factors, it has been clear that the upfront cost far exceeds the benefits and protection that the SineTamer could provide to households and businesses. 

Unable to recognize these dangers might cost people more in the long run. This is becoming more crucial in this world, where we are constantly moving into a more technologically dependent space and infrastructure. 

PowerEMT aims to provide a reliable electronic environment to households and companies by delivering SineTamer Power Systems to the market.


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ST S8070A1 1S1
120/240 Volt
Single Phase up to 600 Amp Service

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If you have any solar systems please contact us prior to ordering at info@poweremt.com or 866-256-2451

CAD $1,650
~ USD $1,279.00


* Please Note Shipping & Handling and Duty Taxes if Applicable are Extra.

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