7 Ways to Reduce Dirty Power Into Your Homes

A lot of things have changed over the past years, literally. From how we prepare foods to our table, spend time in the living room, study, work, read news, socialize, and basically, everything we do has become a lot more technologically driven in a blink of an eye.

No one would have ever predicted the pace we are going through in tech development. Multiple applications are being invented daily by different companies to maximize profit by satisfying all our needs and making our lives much easier, especially in our homes. 

However, the electrical systems we are constantly using to utilize our various equipment and technologies haven’t changed that much. Most of the equipment we are using today requires much more power which causes high-frequency transients, resulting in what people call “Dirty Power” or “Dirty Electricity.”

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the things you can do to reduce the amount of dirty power in your homes and prevent the risk factors that come with them.

What gets measured gets managed.

One of the first things you should do before going through dirty power solutions is to understand what you’re dealing with by measuring frequency levels in your home, especially in areas with most equipment.

Using micro surge meters effectively assesses the frequency levels of electromagnetic fields inside your home. A rule of thumb for EMI Meter readings to efficiently prevent yourself from dirty power should be less than a 100 in value.

The readings will then show you the urgency of incorporating Dirty Power Solutions and is also helpful to assess whether your selected preventative actions work.

SineTamer Surge and Transient Protector

If you’re trying to reduce voltage spikes, downtimes, risks of equipment malfunction, and most certainly reduce electromagnetic fields that could cause significant health problems in the future, electrical circuit protection such as SineTamer is highly recommended.

SineTamer is a high-quality frequency suppressor that closely tracks the frequency waveform itself, preventing voltage spikes that are the driving force of dirty Electricity which negatively harm both your technological equipment and health. Here is an article about the risk factors of not using SineTamer if you want more in-depth details.

Don’t just turn it off. Unplug.

Reducing technology usage is beneficial but impractical advice, especially when we’re living in a boom of the technological age. However, you can save yourself from so many harmful electrical radiations by unplugging your devices and equipment when they’re not in use.

 Even if it’s not turned on, a plugged device still emits emf’s that may be a driving force for dirty power. Simply unplugging them won’t be such a bad thing since you’re not using them anyway, plus you save yourself and your family by reducing dirty Electricity.

Switch to LED Lights

As simple as a light bulb can be, they are one of the most notorious at emitting the most electromagnetic fields that could harm your health. They are a staple source of light for everyone, making it even more crucial to find better alternative options to protect yourself from its harmful effects over time.

Fluorescent and Incandescent lights are the worst lights you could ever have at home. They often require higher frequency electricity to light up, resulting in voltage spikes and dirty power.

If you’re using these lights, you might want to change them and switch more into LED Lights gradually. LEDs use substantially less energy than other alternative options, which may be the best to minimize dirty power generation. However, not all LEDs are the same so make sure to do your research before buying one.

Remove Light Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches might be fun to have in your arsenal but know that they are one of the worst generators of dirty Electricity. Electrical Pollution will always be around. One of the best ways to minimize them is turning them off from the power source entirely when not in use.

 The problem with Light Dimmer Switches is they are constantly causing dirty Electricity no matter how dim your lights could get—switching to on/off light switches will substantially reduce dirty Electricity inside your home.

Dirty Electricity Filters

These filters are explicitly made to regulate Electricity and only allow a certain amount of amps that flows through the power outlet to prevent unprecedented power surges. The primary frequency level should be maintained at 60 Hertz to minimize dirty electricity generation.

These suppressors are plugged into a primary outlet power source and filter out electrical Pollution by regulating high frequency that could cause electromagnetic field radiation.

However, this type of solution will depend on the size of your home and may require you to buy multiple filters to reduce overall dirty power emissions successfully.

Consider Energy-Efficient Technologies for Future Purchases

Many companies are beginning to see the need for electrical safety and making energy-efficient products. Most of the equipment you have at home that you know is old and inefficient might be best to change into a more viable and healthier option.

TVs, computers, microwaves, lights, game consoles, electric fans are examples of devices that cause dirty Electricity. Eliminating them all at once may not be possible, but limiting their use and avoiding using them simultaneously will help prevent the excessive amount of dirty power generation.


Dirty Electricity will always be around; the goal is not to eliminate but only reduce them at the lowest possible number by incorporating practical solutions such as the points we mentioned above to prevent the harmful effects from them.

We hope that you get a lot of information from this blog. If you want to learn more about eliminating dirty power, we highly recommend you check us out at PowerEMT today!


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